Do what you love, love what you do: in conversation with nivera wallani (president and general manager, kfc canada at yum! brandy

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The author and entreepenely Robert Kiyoosaki once said that "confidence comes from discipline and learning." The more time, energy and attention you devote to discipline, the better you get it; the better you get it, the greater the confidence. And with sufficient confidence, you can start mastery. Nevera Uolyani is a business leader who does not believe in trust. In fact, I'd say she's one of the most self-fulfilling people I've ever met. She knows herself, she knows she loves, and she loves what she does. From high school to its current role as president and general manager of KFC Canada to Yum! Brands, Niver Wallani, continued to focus on improvising their living, providing their community and improvising their business. She is a very expert manager with the track, which controls the growth of KFC brand sales in Canada. Until you join Yum! Niver has held various management positions in companies such as Schneider Electric and Loblaw Companies Limited. Niwera's story is a reminder that the road to is built into separate bricks accomplishes with the objective share of refusals that could be extracted from this Part 1: High School I'd say I was well ended and focused. I played sports and I was a part of all clubs, namely, drama and debate, but I stayed My scientists. There was no compromise. It was created by my parents, but I was also almost motivated to pursue excelence on this front Now that I think about it, I don't know if I was sure or not. But I knew exactly what I liked and what I needed. With regard to education and then labour, I have always had a firm understanding of what I am interested in. I'm a man with a financial background. I have always been interested in things like economics, in particular, how businesswomen work, why they work, and why they fail. Therefore, from this point of view, I focused my attention on the area in which I was interested. I went to the Milliken Mills High School, where I received enough training for postsecondary education. And inside my inner community we have a ew programs that are very upright on education and sensing that you get as much information as possible in the years of high school to make the right choice. I used both of these resources. For example, there many unique visits in my inner community. So I need to know what the faculty is, what schools were, what programs were, and what the expectations were. Right. In fact, it took me a while to use the resources I mentioned, not only from the point of view of the school, but also in my community-to make sure that I make a good choice when I decided where to go Part 2: Secondary education A couple of things. First of all, I wanted to be closer to home. In fact, life at home was very attractive to me. I have a very close-knit family hotel, which is very close to my parents and my mother. Thus, from this point of view, U-T and York spoke for me. I was also at the market for the cooperation program that introd Lorier into the mix. And in general, I want to make sure that I'm building a whole range of skills so that when they get out of the labor force, I don't start green. I needed corporate. In the end, I elt that the U T cooperation program would give me the most, if not all, of what I wanted. Maybe in my mind was a pretty firm decision about what I was going to go through a routing account. U T, as it was, had connections with many large firms. In particular, PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG, where they worked in cooperation programs, in most cases, many of the students who worked in the cooperative would have a permanent position. I had a pretty big relationship with T' s So just a small part of the background: My family migrated to Canada from East Africa in the mid-1970s. And they came to the country with the hops that many immigrants share: ensure that your children have all the opportunities they could have in this new environment. So I always thought that I would like to go after something -- a certain level of career development or some other kind of post-secondary education that I wanted -- that I had their support. Thoughts, ematically, less financially, but it's where the help was I have to be very honest. Durring the post-secondary environment, my time was limited. The reason is that I have received an acdemic load above the average. because I wasn't only trying to do my thesis to do my trying to make loans that I needed to get to the school of accounting at York University (so I could keep an eye on my chartered accountancy). And when I wasn't in school, I was very involved Of course, my time was limited. But my decisions, which led to this, were delimiter and delimiter. So when I did work outside of school, it's still focused on scientists. For example, I was and helped other students switch to post-secondary Thank you! As I have said, my community pays great attention to education. They gave me the option to return to the place and the people I felt connected to. I've most fully what they were going to test, just a couple of years ahead. And when I was going to graduate from high school, I wouldn't say the world is changing as fast as it is now, but it's still changing very rapidly. So by helping them to work through what I experienced, I hope they were adventurus to them, but it was also nice to be able to return Yes, we were. I went through the ual flowers and the stress flowers, both mental and emotional. I think that people who are very moving and ambious and have high expectations of themselves, this pressure can be expensive, because you are always shooting to believe something more or to believe something more. For me, having a family, living at home helped to soften some of them. I was given to have a family that cared about me. Just by lying on them, it was important. I also had a network of friends from high school, many of which ended in the United States. Thus, these basic relationships (which I managed to save) were instrumentals The transition to post-secondary education is not easy, however. There are more people than you've ever met. The pace of learning is much fast. The level of what you study is exponentially higher. And the level of commtitiveness-I mean, even if you are not a competitive man, just being in this environment feel strised. It's very important for people to be on the I would say that it was two things: (1) Exiting with great powers in the area of governance and economics, and (2) Exit U T with a proposal from the firm I really responded and was happy to work. I had the option to work with PwC in a joint position before joing, so I knew their investment was growing. My future ems very bright, and this is certainly high point for me Part 3: Dream Job For me, the family, the community and the truth of true self need. And so, with regard to the organizations to which I have thought to join, and I have thought to invest in ensuring that they respect those values, it is vital. And sometimes organizations don't anese share these same values, but they considered these values and knew about the important of these values, that is, my North Star. As you progress in any career, when you've tried new things, you might have different levels of portunity and risk. If you don't have a key word about who you are and what is important to you, then it can become very simple and lose the foundation. I think once you lose the foundation, it's hard to rebuild it There are a few things. Let ' s start with this role. Think about the brand for a while. As a Canadian who was born and raised, I know exactly what this brand stands for and what the brand's permission is. I remember perhaps 15 or 20 years ago, the role of KFC in people's lives and communities. He was about memories and special ments. It was about moments like Sunday picnics with a bucket of chicken. I treat believe that KFC is a special brand that comes from a special place. It was created by a man who has been very useful on generality, on power, on humility, to bring back and do everything you can do all this time. I really have a connection to what this brand is worth, and I feel that there are a lot of people in this building (Yum! Brands HQ, who share the same passion. Thus, we have the option to come to this company every day or work with our franches or work with our partners to actually revoke the brand in Canada, which makes me go every day. Right here in this building, with these people, we can make an impact Secondly, it gives me pleasantly to work with a really, really incredable team. People in this building have huge numbers of men, huge hearts and huge levels of court. Their passion for what they bring every day is totally moving me. They have the opportunity to learn from them and enable them to develop them (not only on their professional lives but also on their personal lives). I think I'm very lucky to have that, every day I'd like to say that I have a regime that I'm watching. But for me, it's becomes opportunistic just because I'm juggling. I am am am very interested in the future not only in the food industry but also in the future of our economic, as well as how it Effects technology So, I'm spending time-be it with some leaves here, or some of the teams that are working in other companies -- learning. I had the opportity to spend four or five days last last year in Silicon Valley on the Google campus, as well as on Facebook campus. Both companies are focused on people, and on how people work these days-what are their houses, dream and desirres. And I learned a lot about what I was back to Yum! Brenda Three, when I have the opportunity to test the types of organizations and people who work in these organizations, I try to make maximum use of these options I'm also very unstable with my community, where I volunteer and I get back. It's a different kind of training. Not all at IQ level, but definitely at EQ level. I will be close to people, practice empathy, different points of view and experience and put in other shoes. It's another way of learning. It will be less among scientists or read books, but it is learning through people and learning based on their experience The possibilities like this help me to better understand my business and my consultants Part 4: The future I'd say there are a ful things. We are offered a lot of advice about what we should do and how we should do it, and my recommendation is to be open to this recommendation and to take into account the importer and importer experiences for you. But the focus is on what you love and what you're say about. For me, doing what you love and what you are pasty about not only makes you the best leader, but also makes you a better man. So that would be one thing I'd say you have to be out of the comfort zone for the second time as often as possible. I like to ride snowmobiles, for instance. I'm not a huge adrenaline, but sometimes when I try to scare me, they'll push me out of my comfort zone. Whether or not they are physicically, whether or not they are creating networks and meeting new people and creating a relationship, whether or not you are interested in something that interests you, but makes you feel comfortable, detest yourself from your comfortable zone, actually helps build self-confidence. And many people, really young women, pack self-confidence I think there's a couple. You know, I'd say the food industry is interrupted in a very, very, exponential rate. Many people talk about digital and electronic commerce, which is a trend in which we keep our constant. This destruction is interesting, because when you're back in the music industry and how long it took for the industry to be broken, or you went back to the trip has been distributed, what it's going on today is much fast And often, when we think about technology, we think of common organizations as an investment that might have to spend 5, 10, 15 years (as it was in the past). And I think we should look at technology through another lens. We must look at it as continuing developing. There is no option to invest in something that will matter in the next 15 years Secondly, especially in the area of food (and in general, in the retail industry), there is always an idea that they should do well (financialy). We no longer live in such a world. We must work well and work together We must be much more responsible. We have to do this well, and we'll have to do it well. One doesn't happen sooner than the other. One is not more important than the other. Both of them are equally important I'll take you to the interview for ight and a half years ago I came back from my material leave with my daughter, so I knew I wanted to work with an organization that I could not only take on a professional level, but I knew personally And during our interview, at the time, the GM said seen things that ended on me. The first thing he said was, "When we look in this organization, we're looking for people who have a beating on their liability and the fire in the abdomen." And, in fact, it means that there are many technical skills in the organization that are unique, even if you go through a post-secondary process that needs to be learned and can be training. But part of it is a desire for growth, as well as to a motionless mouse, and to be willing to make a contribution and contribution, as well as to have a positive attitude. It's a relationship. And when it's there, that fire in your stomach, you can see it right now It's very organic, and it's pretty much sitting. No! No! Now, anyone who has the KFC brand, I have the opportity will meet before they are hired At every level, yes.  And there are separate reason. One is only to ensure that we hire people who are entitled to the cultural life of the organization. We want people who can go beyond what they've come to. But there are also the skills and backgrounds we're looking for This gives the people who have killed us, some real knowledge about what an organization is. The candies are questioning us, just like we're interested them. So, by giving them the opportunity to meet with three, four, five people in the organization-to meet those who are lidity in the organization, to understand their thinking and the type of leader, I think they are very important. So our interview process can be more sustainable than most. But that's why I think it's a good way to go I think he'll come back to perhaps one of the initial questions that you asked me, and I'm sure I'll hold it. Do what you love and love what you do That makes me the best. More than anything, I really appreciate the role I have. But I do love more opportunities that I have here to make an impact, regress of whether it's a brand or people here And no matter what part you're in, what kind of industry you are, what kind of organization you ... if you love what you do, it doesn't look like work. To do your career about how to inflight something like yourself You're very plaseid The "Student Life" series, "Student Life", "Student Life", contains information about the most advanced in Canada business on behalf of the country we hold exclusive information interviews with titanas of industry. The lying how these leaders have escaped in moving from high school to post-secondary school, we capture their wiser and share and share it with you

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