9 famous fictional professors you'll meet in college & university as told in gifs

What will your professors have?

The professors are responsible for teaching basic lessons for our future career, solving problems for students and leading our trip. Every professor has his own learning method, which is often either perfect for his students or quickly becomes their worst nightmare. To help you prepare yourself for these different types of personal qualities, allow me to look at some of the renowned fictitional teachers you can or can't meet on your end of the road

This professor is great. They are informative and passionate about their subject. Even though they may be serious and have a tendency to lecture, their heart is in the right place. They want to pass on their knowledge to others and possibly spark interest or love in this subject. They usually smile and rejoice in what they do. They want to be a teacher there

This professor is like "Ted Mosby", but with a level of inexity that can sometimes make everyone uncomfortable. During their lectures, jokes will not laugh and laugh at moments of uncertainty. They know their stuff, just make yourself some awkward pauses, so you can cut the air with a knife

Super fun, best friend, professor. They are optimistic about learning and can make absolutely any class of fun. They'll make sure you have a few laughs during class and can even include GIF or surprises in the powerpoints, that they will "forget" until they are exposed. They find pleasure in the suspension, just like the others

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Brilliant and sarcastic. This professor refers to students and teaching, even if they are not always passionate about the subject. They are well aware in many areas and are always witty and witty. They will hold your hand and help you find your way until you can stand in your own language (but they can make a joke about it while they do it)

Everyone who knows, the eyes-in the back-professor. Although this professor seems to know everything that's going on in class (with his students), they won't get you in trouble. Instead, they'll help you grow up and grow up. You learn more than just lessons from this professor's books, you've taught important life lessons that you'll probably continue with

The type of hard area with a soft area for several students in the class. You can or can't be one of these students, but don't bother, even if you don't, this professor doesn't want you to lose your way. They can be strict and tough, but only because they want you to reach the highest potential. They also have a message, and they will have time for fun

This professor is always intensive and structured. You may be afraid to enter the class because you do not want you to be called to be late or not answered properly. In fact, this professor is very concerned about his students, and only from you that you have learned to learn, to pass and, more importantly, to learn. Talk to them out of class, and you'll see

-Seller? -Seller? Obviously, this professor doesn't want to be a teacher, so he does every lesson, like he's pulling teeth. This is a WORST. Good luck, if you're stuck with one of those pros (maybe thinking about switching classes before it's too late)

Make mistakes! Do not confuse! " Life is not perfect, and this professor will remind you of this. You may have to fail to learn something new, and these failures will be the foundation of future successes. This teacher is all life to live life and leave fear behind. To date, this is the most cheerful professor you will have, even if they may be, at times, too stupid or eccentric. Every class is a new adventure!

The new school year is almost here, I'm wondering which professor I'm going to see this semester

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