How to write a scholarship application letter

Use this letter as a template for your successful scholarship application.

Students applying for a scholarship face strong competition. You must submit the required form to the scholarship committee of your choice and attach a cover letter.

The letter asking for a grant is the first thing a commission sees and in many cases the only thing it sees. If the letter doesn't impress you, you may not even see the application form.

Be clear and concise

The application letter for a scholarship must be clear and concise. The Scholarship Committee will review hundreds of those letters and those that clearly indicate the purpose in a short but complete way will be those that are remembered.

It is also important that the candidate presents himself as a good scholarship candidate. This means that they have the initiative and motivation to make good use of money.

The first thing the candidate needs to do is find out what the scholarship committee requires. For example, they could be most affected if the applicant participated in community service programs or maintained responsible work.

Scholarship applications are not all the same. The applicant must obtain detailed information on the specific requirements and guidelines.


The introductory paragraph should state briefly why the applicant wrote the letter and the name of the grant. This paragraph may contain a list of qualifications that, according to the candidate, make him an ideal candidate for a scholarship.

The letter should list two to four sentences about your achievements. A cover letter for the scholarship is placed on one page so that the reading does not burden the recipient.

Two or three examples of how a candidate meets the requirements for a scholarship should be included in the second paragraph. They can be included in the application form but will be highlighted if they are listed here. Order your the best essay here PaperWriter.

The applicant should thank the committee for considering his application and state that he hopes to receive news from the Commission soon. A scholarship application letter has the correct grammar and spelling and should not use the wrong technical language.

Do not remember the difficulties

This is not the place to mention personal difficulties and problems, although they may indicate why you need a scholarship. The purpose of the letter is to highlight the applicant’s strengths, academic history, and educational goals.

A scholarship application letter is addressed to the president of the scholarship committee, and not to everyone who may be interested. The applicant can call the university or search the site and find out the name of the person concerned.

The letter must be in a corporate style and sent by a registered letter so that the sender knows when it was received. If possible, the applicant should ask the teacher or counselor to review the letter and make changes that may increase the chances of success.

The applicant must keep copies of all communications, including a copy of the application.

Scholarship application letter sample

Mike Walker

2115 Gembul St.

Austin, TX, 78751

(212) 221-1245


Dijon born

ULN coordinator

2304 Whitis Ave.

Austin, TX, 78712

Dear Mr. Mark

After being admitted to UT Austin for the fall semester of 2019 to study architecture, I write to express my desire to participate in the scholarship program for university directors. As far as I remember, I had a great passion for architecture. My favorite monument in Texas is the pink granite capitol. I am particularly excited about the opportunity to join a network of leaders who are helping to maintain UT Austin's reputation as the world's leading public research university.

My parents came to Texas as immigrants and worked tirelessly on low-income jobs to support our family. If I were included in the program, I would be the first member of my family to benefit from university education. My goal is to use my education to return to the community. I would like to specialize in the design of affordable and environmentally friendly living. My passion for this area was inspired by my successful virtual city project for the National Future City competition, and I am aware of the impact of high housing costs and environmental degradation on disadvantaged communities.

Service leadership is the philosophy I want to pursue as a participant and student of the program. I want society to benefit from my education and to make UT Austin more respected as an institution that innovates for the common good. This grant would enable me to achieve these goals. In fact, my school principal is a student of the program. It has been a great inspiration for me and many others, and I can't wait to follow his example if you accept me.

Contact me to make an appointment with me. I would like to tell you more about my education and my wish to return to my community through my higher education.

Kind regards,

Mike Walker

PS I would also like to discuss how my experience of voluntary tutoring and academic education for younger students can contribute to the leadership objectives of the program.

Let's summarize how to write the perfect cover letter for scholarship application:

Use the correct format. This makes your letter more readable and sets you up as an A + candidate.

First show an understanding of the spirit of the program and your passion for the subject. Show the committee your relevance.

Strengthen your value in the middle of the scholarship letter. Show your personal characteristics and ultimate goals. This remains relevant for the program and shows the committee that you are committed and confident.

End with CTA. Ask a question and suggest something back. Read your question and get an interview.